Yuno Scrya
Character profile
FamilyTakamachi family
Brave Duel
Energy colorGreen
Japanese nameユーノ・スクライア
(Yūno Sukuraia)
First app.INNOCENT (ch.0)

Yuno Scrya (ユーノ・スクライア Yūno Sukuraia) is a speakable pet ferret of the Takamachi family. He was originally the ferret form of a force field mage (spelt as Yuuno Scrya) introduced in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, and his original human form only appears in Brave Duel games in the INNOCENT spin-off series.



Yuno is a pet of the Takamachi family, brought from wildlife by Miyuki Takamachi. He spontaneously befriended Nanoha Takamachi, who has the same age of his. Unlike Arf, he cannot perform shapeshifting in daily life.

Brave Duel PowersEdit

Yuno Avatar

Yuno in his avatar

Yuno shapeshifts into the human form in Brave Duel games. His Device is yet to be detailed in the series.


Yuno's primary avatar is an unnamed force field mage type.


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