Stern Starks
Character profile
StudyPrivate Tenō Middle School
Brave Duel
Primary avatarSacred
Av. custom or versionHeat Suit
Energy colorVermillion
Duel nameStern the Destructor
TeamDark Materials,
Dark Materials +1
Japanese nameシュテル・スタークス
(Shuteru Sutākusu)
First app.INNOCENT (ch.0)

Stern Starks (シュテル・スタークス Shuteru Sutākusu) is originally a Material based off Nanoha Takamachi in the portable continuity first introduced in The Battle of Aces. In the INNOCENT spin-off series, she becomes an international student from overseas along her Dark Materials +1 team members, originally her magical allies.


In the original series, she is named/titled as Stern the Destructor, which is adopted as her Duel Name in INNOCENT.


Although Stern has a cool character and does not show her emotion on the face, she is unexpectedly passionate in her inner heart.[1] She is also polite towards everyone and sometimes kind and warm-hearted to those she is close to.


Stern is an international student studying grade 2 at Private Tenō Middle School,[1] Uminari City. She and her international student fellows including Dearche Kings Claudia, Levi Russel and Yuri Eberwein are childhood friends and they have a strong bonding.

Cats like to get close with Stern as she possesses a physique that cats are fond of, for unknown reasons. As a result, she has seen most of the cats living nearby.[1]

Stern is also a strong Duelist with past record as the individual champion of the zero Brave Duel Grand Prix during the test stage. Increasing number of Duelists, including Nanoha and Vita Yagami, see her as a target of action.[1]

Brave Duel PowersEdit

Stern Avatar

Dearche wielding Luciferion in her Sacred type avatar

Stern's Device is named Luciferion, which shares the same model with Raising Heart. Her personal card specialises in fire-based skills.

In the duel team Dark Materials, she plays the role of shooting and bombardment attacker.[1]


Stern's primary avatar is Sacred type, Heat Suit (殲滅服(ヒートスーツ) Hīto Sūtsu) custom.[1]


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