Signum Yagami
Character profile
Other nameCoach Signum
FamilyYagami family
StudySports University (unnamed)
WorkOld Bookshop Yagamidō,
Kusama Ittō-ryū Dojo
OccupationShop Assistant,
Assistant Kendō Coach
Brave Duel
Primary avatarSword Knight
Energy colorPurple
TeamTeam Yagamidō
Japanese name八神シグナム
(Yagami Shigunamu)
First app.INNOCENT (ch.0)

Signum Yagami (八神シグナム Yagami Shigunamu) is originally a Wolkenritter in the primary continuity first introduced in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's. In the INNOCENT spin-off series, she becomes a family member of Hayate Yagami, originally her mistress.


In the game, she is sometimes referred as Coach Signum (シグナム師範 Shigunmu Shihan) as she is a kendō coach besides working at Yagamidō.


Signum is a polite and calm person.


Signum is a sports university student and formerly a senpai of Mituki Scaglietti in the high school. Being a kendō rank-holder, she also works as Assistant Kendō Coach at the Kusama Ittō-ryū Dojo. For unknown reasons, Signum does not need to do housework in the Yagami family except for strength works, like the father of the family.[1]

Signum has not played Brave Duel until the Team Yagamidō is formed when the first Brave Duel Grand Prix approaches.

Brave Duel PowersEdit

Signum Avatar

Signum wielding Laevatein in her Sword Knight type avatar

Signum wields Laevatein as her Device. Her personal card presumably specialises in fire-based skills.


Signum's primary avatar is Sword Knight type, which is superior at attack and aims at one-hit kill.[1]


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