Levi Russel
Character profile
StudyPrivate Tenō Middle School
Brave Duel
Primary avatarLightning
Av. custom or versionSlash Suit
Energy colorAqua Blue
Duel nameLevi the Slasher
TeamDark Materials,
Dark Materials +1
Japanese nameレヴィ・ラッセル
(Revi Rasseru)
First app.INNOCENT (ch.0)

Levi Russel (レヴィ・ラッセル Revi Rasseru) is originally a Material based off Fate Testarossa in the portable continuity first introduced in The Battle of Aces. In the INNOCENT spin-off series, she becomes an international student from overseas along her Dark Materials +1 team members, originally her magical allies.


In the original series, she is named/titled as Levi the Slasher, which is adopted as her Duel Name in INNOCENT.


Levi is very outgoing and often childish, but also prone to going berserk.


Levi is an international student studying grade 1 at Private Tenō Middle School,[1] Uminari City. She and her international student fellows including Dearche Kings Claudia, Stern Starks and Yuri Eberwein are childhood friends and they have a strong bonding.

Brave Duel PowersEdit

Levi Avatar

Levi wielding Vulnificus in her Lightning type avatar

Levi's Device is named Vulnificus, which shares the same model with Bardiche. Her personal card specialises in lightning-based skills.


Levi's primary avatar is Lightning type, Slash Suit (襲撃服(スラッシュスーツ) Surasshu Sūtsu) custom.[1]


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