Dearche Kings Claudia
Character profile
StudyPrivate Tenō Middle School
Brave Duel
Primary avatarLord Of Glory
Av. custom or versionDiabolique
DeviceTome of the Purple Sky,
Yersinia Kruez
Energy colorPurplish Black
Duel nameLord Dearche
TeamDark Materials,
Dark Materials +1
Japanese nameディアーチェ・K(キングス)・クローディア
(Diāche Kingusu Kurōdia)
First app.INNOCENT (ch.0)

Dearche Kings Claudia (ディアーチェ・K(キングス)・クローディア Diāche Kingusu Kurōdia) is originally a Material based off Hayate Yagami in the portable continuity first introduced in The Battle of Aces. In the INNOCENT spin-off series, she becomes an international student from overseas along her Dark Materials +1 team members, originally her magical allies.


In the original series, she is named/titled as Lord Dearche, which is adopted as her Duel Name in INNOCENT. Besides, Dearche is usually nicknamed as Her Majesty (王様 Ō sama), even in daily life.


Dearche is very vain and arrogant addressing herself with majestic plural and viewing others as servants, but sometimes she also a kind person and sometimes serve the Florian family and her friends with delicious-cooking meals.[1]

Due to the similarity with Hayate Yagami on outlook, dressing style, hobbies and many other things, and also the ever losing in games with her in the past, Dearche sees Hayate as a rival unilaterally.[2]


Dearche is an international student studying grade 2 at Private Tenō Middle School, Uminari City. She and her international student fellows including Stern Starks, Levi Russel and Yuri Eberwein are childhood friends and they have a strong bonding. Being good at cooking, she is the "Chef" of the Granz Lab (i.e. the place where the student group resides) and her special dish is curry.[2]

Brave Duel PowersEdit

Dearche Avatar

Dearche holding her Devices in her Lord Of Glory type avatar

Dearche's double Device include a magic card binder named Tome of the Purple Sky and a magic staff named Yersiniakreuz.


Dearche's primary avatar is Lord Of Glory type, Diabolique
(暗黒甲冑(デアボリカ) Deaborika) custom, a customised version after Yuri makes certain arrangement for offensive specs.[2]


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