Arisa Bunnings
Character profile
StudyPrivate Kaisei Elementary School
Brave Duel
Primary avatarFencer
DeviceFlame Eyes
Energy colorOrange
AI-NPCAricha (アリちゃ Ari cha)
TeamT&H Elements
Japanese nameアリサ・バニングス
(Arisa Baningusu)
First app.INNOCENT (ch.0)

Arisa Bunnings (アリサ・バニングス Arisa Baningusu) is one of Nanoha Takamachi's classmates and best friends. This is same as the background setting in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, where she was originally introduced.


Arisa is a charismatic leader with bright personality.[2] However, she is somehow realistic and unimaginative which, during Brave Duel games, restrict her from flying and makes her need to jump instead for mobility.


Arisa is a 4th grade elementary school student from Private Kaisei Elementary School, Uminari City. She is also the class officer of her class (Grade 4 Class 1).[2]

In INNOCENT (ch.1), along her classmates Nanoha Takamachi and Suzuka Tsukimura, she becomes a Duelist at Hobby Shop T&H.

Brave Duel PowersEdit

Arisa Avatar

Arisa wielding Flame Eyes in her Fencer type avatar

Arisa wields a backsword-shaped Device, which she names as Flame Eyes when using it in her first battle. Her personal card specialises in fire-based skills.


Arisa's primary avatar is Fencer type, which is specialised in controlling elemental swords.[2] In her case, it allows her to be proficient in fiery skills and flaming sword attacks.

In INNOCENTS (ch.11), Arisa performs a Rerise Unison by rerising up with a card of Suzuka Tsukimura, turning her Fencer type avatar and Flame Eyes into the icy version which specialises in ice-based skills.

Besides the above, Arisa also uses some other avatars and Devices in the game. The table below summarises the known combinations:

Avatar types Customs/versions Devices used Description
Fencer B Orange Flame Eyes
Flame Eyes II
Snow Trident [Red]
Lucky Shooter [Light red]
Specialised in fire-based skills.
[MN Purple] Flame Eyes [Blue]
Flame Eyes II [Blue]
Snow Trident
Lucky Shooter [Ice blue]
Modified with avatar colors of Suzuka Tsukimura. Specialised in ice-based skills.
Sacred Heat Suit Luciferion
Flame Eyes
Primary avatar of Stern Starks. Specialised in fire-based skills.
Crimson Red Luciferion
Flame Eyes
Modified with avatar colors of her own self. Specialised in fire-based skills.
Non-duel avatar Bardiche Zanber [Orange]


Notable skills used by Arisa include:


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