Alicia Testarossa
Character profile
FamilyTestarossa family
StudyPrivate Kaisei Elementary School
Brave Duel
Primary avatarGunner
Av. custom or versionLucky Star
DeviceFortune Drop
Energy colorMint
AI-NPCPetitcia (ぷちシア Puchi Shia)
TeamT&H Elements
PositionCentre Guard[1]
Japanese nameアリシア・テスタロッサ
(Arishia Tesutarossa)
First app.INNOCENT (ch.0)

Alicia Testarossa (アリシア・テスタロッサ Arishia Tesutarossa) is the two-year-older sister of Fate Testarossa. She was originally a deceased character introduced in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, in which Fate is an artificial clone of her.


Alicia is a cheerful and outgoing person easy to get along with,[2] unlike her younger sister Fate, who is more timid and introvert.


Although looks tiny, Alicia is a 6th grade elementary school student just moved to Private Kaisei Elementary School at the beginning of the series, along her 4th grade sister. She is also the draw at Hobby Shop T&H, where she always provide guidance to novice Duelists.[2]

Brave Duel PowersEdit

Alicia Avatar

Alicia holding Fortune Drop in her Lucky Star avatar

Alicia's Device is Fortune Drop, a drop pod which can further "drop" different equipment for her games, from cross range combat to long range shooting.


Alicia's primary avatar is Gunner type, on which she makes a bold original arrangement named Lucky Star (ラッキースター Rakkī Sutā). It is mainly colored in sky blue and mint green, which are her lucky colors in the game.

Besides the above, Alicia also uses some other avatars and Devices in the game. The table below summarises the known combinations:

Avatar types Versions/Customs Devices used Description
Gunner Lucky Star: AB Mint Fortune Drop
Bardiche Riot Blade
Lucky Star: Sister Scarlet Fortune Drop [Pink] Modified with scarlet and pink colors.
Lucky Star: Snow Blue Lucky Shooter [Light blue] Modified with blue and indigo colors.
Lightning S Red (Blaze Form) Bardiche Zanber Specialised in lightning-based skills.
[AB Mint] (Blaze Form) Bardiche Zanber [Mint] Modified with avatar colors of Alicia Testarossa.
Sacred [White] (TOS-Style) Raising Heart (TOS-Style)
Engage Suit (Force-Style) Javelin
Non-duel avatar Variant Fencer (Red Frame)


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